Catheter storage cabinet

Catheter storage cabinet/procedure room storage cabinet – U or E type in single bay or multiple bays

Manufactured in high quality hospital grade melamine and HPL side panels. Incorporates side panels to insert and display modular trays/baskets, catheter shelf and retractable catheter holders/hooks. Retractable catheter hooks can be pulled out to access or stock catheters when required.

Can be installed with any type of door – glass, tambour, sliding tambour doors or open/no door. Incoporate with catheter boxes or retractable catheter holder with hooks. The Pegasus retractable catheter holders and shelves – the U style can include up to 3 retractable holders (allows a total of 27 hooks) per bay and the E style can hold up to 5 retractable catheter holders per bay (total of 30 hooks).

Catheter boxes can also be installed with a retractable on telescopic slides or plastic rails. Boxes can easily be pulled out and retracted to remove catheters or restock

cathter-cabinet-angled basket