Modules (baskets, trays) and accessories

Interchangeable modules (baskets, trays and shelves) can be used on any Pegasus high density modular storage systems utilising side panels or moveable plastic rails

Modules (trays and baskets)

The Pegasus high density modular storage system ‘modules’ are available as baskets or trays (solid) in either ABS cream or Polycarbonate clear. They are based on the ISO standard 60x40cm and can fit in either E or U configurations. The half size 30x40cm module is also available.


  • Smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Machine-washable, easily and safely cleaned
  • Modules and dividers are injection molded from polycarbonate ABS plastic
  • Modules hold up to 40kg (with telescopic slides)
  • Optimum storage utilisation for items of different sizes (small consumables, medicines, bottles, pharmacy items)
  • Stacking rim enables the modules to be stacked to save space when not in use
  • The safety-stop function prevents the basket from accidentally falling out when pulled
  • Create compartments with long and short snap-able dividers which can be locked into place



Improve organisation and layout of your high density storage solution with multiple accessories

Incorporate a range of accessories on your Pegasus high density modular storage systems including label holders, dividers, telescopic slides or catheter boxes/hooks on any high density storage unit (open frame racks, cabinets, carts). Accessories improve the organisation and aesthetics of stored items.

Label holders can be affixed in various ways on the module (tray/basket): on the rim of the module, on the front wall of the basket, or on the dividers. They can also be attached to cabinet walls, doors or on an aluminium label holder. Label holders can be easily moved and can incorporate a label cover if printed labels are used. Alternatively, paper labels or adhesive labels on plastic cards can be inserted into plastic clip holders. Labels can be used for stock rotation and ordering processes such as the KANBAN system.

Telescopic slides allow bulk loading of modules – max. load-bearing capacity: 40kg. They are ideal for storing heavier items, e.g. infusion bottles, fluids. They can be used on high density storage cabinets, open frame racks and Aluflex carts and easily click into place without tools, position can be changed at any time.

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