Inventory Management for Hospitals & Healthcare

NSC can supply and support the Pegasus high density storage systems with our unique and innovative inventory management system, the KANBAN 2-Bin workflow solution combined with EZ-Swipe.

EZ Swipe RFID & KanBan 2-Bin Workflow Solutions

The KanBan 2-Bin system is a lean supply strategy which can reduce your hospital personnel and materials management time while rationalising and rotating inventory. The Pegasus Inventory Management System (P.I.M.S) completes the package.

How does KANBAN work?

The KANBAN solution is based on historical usage data which establishes initial stocked inventory levels to ensure stock for a given time period.

  • Baskets are divided in half so that the front half is identical to the back half
  • Basket compartments have their own unique location address which is matched to an item in the database
  • Initial stock levels are determined and properly set to match restocking schedules and are split between matching front and rear basket compartments
  • Inventory personnel only look for and record empty compartments
  • Inventory personnel record, pick & restock up to 70% fewer items on a daily basis
  • If the front compartment is empty, hospital personnel will always have supplies in the rear compartment
  • Wireless technology (RFID) makes it possible to have one team capture the items that need to be restocked & multiple people restocking supplies at the same time

EZ Swipe Ensures Your Personnel are Never Without Their Critical Supplies

Now your team can swipe their way to an efficient, virtually fail-safe inventory of the supplies they need for patient care. With EZ Swipe, a simple motion of moving a sliding mechanism attached to the storage bin left-to-right sends an RFID signal to materials management that supply needs to be restocked.

EZ Swipe works with the Pegasus Kanban (two-bin) system to ensure supplies are always on hand. When the front bin is depleted, the tag is swiped and the supply is replenished. It’s that simple to save costs and optimize patient care!


NSC will work with you to train and inservice all levels of hospital personnel once you have implemented this system. We can prove to you that this system can save your hospital by reduce inventory levels without sacrificing the amount of inventory required. Once KANBAN has been implemented and all personnel trained, it acts as a streamlined system which will also reduce the time inventory managers spend counting and ordering stock.

NSC can assist your hospital, be supported by an Australian company who is here to help you. Contact Us now to arrange a site visit and discuss your shelving and storage needs.


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