Open frame racking systems

Installing Pegasus open frame racking systems allows you to achieve the highest level of storage capacity per square foot. Increase storage capacity by up to 60% as compared to wire shelving

The NSC Pegasus open frame high density modular racks are a strong and sturdy racking system incorporating any type of module (baskets, trays, shelves, catheter hooks/baskets). These types of modular storage systems are most favoured in Australian healthcare facilities as they provide substantial additional storage capacity in a minimal footprint. The open frame racking systems are custom designed to suit the storage area – racks can have multiple ‘add-on’ bays to create a wider unit.


  • Smooth and easy-to clean surfaces
  • Available as E or U types
  • Tubes are galvanized and powder-coated to prevent rusting
  • Stable construction with cross-supportable top and bottom, even when castors are installed
  • Plastic rails can be positioned without tools allowing modules to be inserted at various levels
  • Modules can be angled to provide easier access and viewing of stock at top of the racks
  • Plastic support rails can be replaced with telescopic slides for heavier loads
  • Available as standalone units with feet or mobile with castors
  • Ideal for storage in theatres, CSSD, sutures, pharmacy, anaesthetics, small consumables and medicines

NSC has designed and installed multiple and single bay open frame racking systems for various hospitals around Australia. Open frame racking systems are more favoured in Australia due to their lightweight construction, easy to use plastic rail and interchangeable baskets system and maximum use of space.

The open frame racking systems have been designed and installed in many departments within the hospital including operating theatre, CSSD, ICU, emergency departments, wards and other store rooms. Combining open frame racking systems with the other products within the Pegasus high density storage range as well as the other NSC products in our range enables us to offer a complete storage solution for our customers. Open frame racks can be built side-by-side with chrome wire shelving units for maximum use of space.