Clinical Management Storage Solutions - Hospitals, Medical & Healthcare Industry

The NSC Pegasus high density storage solutions range assists hospital personnel in improving their organisation, order efficiency and stock rotation. We can assist in minimising the amount of stock your hospital department requires, reducing costs and increasing your storage capacity.

We work with all levels of hospital personnel and departments to design a solution that is unique to their needs and storage requirements, so that their focus is on their daily tasks and priorities. We provide hospital, medical and healthcare clinical management solutions to our customers by:

  • Assisting our customers in complying with Australian standards AS4187
  • Ensuring our products meet infection control guidelines
  • Complying with OH&S requirements and hospital protocols
  • Improving stock rotation by implementing inventory management systems
  • Increasing access to stored products
  • Maximising the storage capacity of an area
  • Providing a total shelving and storage systems solution unique to the customer

The Pegasus high density modular storage systems have uniquely combined LEAN and KANBAN process methodologies into a leading healthcare storage solution to improve the use of space, productivity, inventory performance and employee morale.

We work with you to identify the challenges in your supply chain and eliminate waste. This may be from high value inventories being mismanaged; inventory spread out in too many places or lack of time, support and tools of hospital personnel to effectively manage inventory levels.

We will work with you to expose your highest risk areas and implement solutions to address your specific needs. By following a LEAN philosophy and process, you will see immediate benefit for your personnel, your patients and your bottom-line.

From this LEAN assessment, we provide you with the KANBAN solution to assist in meeting your inventory needs. The NSC Pegasus KANBAN system is used as a demand signal that immediately propagates through the supply chain. This can be used to ensure that intermediate stocks held in the supply chain are better managed, usually smaller. Find out more about how our hospital inventory management system – KANBAN here