Catheter holder shelf and catheter hooks

Catheter holder shelf with retractable catheter holder with hooks – available for use in E or U style configurations on open frame racks, Apollo carts and cabinets

For suspended storage of catheters in cabinets and carts – fully retractable. The user can position  and reposition the retractable hooks without the need to drill additional holes in the shelf.

The U style can include up to 3 retractable holders (allows a total of 27 hooks) per bay and the E style can hold up to 5 retractable catheter holders per bay (total of 30 hooks).

These are ideal for storing catheters in operating theatre store rooms or in catheter laboratories that will improve organisation of stock, assist in stock rotation and reduce your department costs

Product Code Description
CATHH-EU Retractable catheter hooks – E type (mount to catheter shelf)
CATHH-US Retractable catheter hooks – U type (mount to catheter shelf)
CATH-SHELF-U High pressure laminated (HPL) shelf 12 mm for catheter holders – U type
CATH-SHELF-E High pressure laminated (HPL) shelf 12 mm for catheter holders – E type