Chrome wire static shelving

Chrome wire static shelving units – available in various shelf widths and depths

NSC can offer customised and standard chrome wire static shelving systems which can be designed to fit inside your storage area. NSC can discuss your storage requirements for your hospital or healthcare facility and offer suggestions and advice based on our range and what is most appropriate for the area.

Constructed from high quality chrome plated steel, the shelving systems are available in a wide range of options to meet your site requirements.

Chrome wire shelving features:

  • Allows air to circulate over stored items and helps prevent dust collection
  • Reduces time, labour and frequency of cleaning and dust downs
  • Custom designed and built to ensure maximum storage capacity
  • High load capacity and structural rigidity
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • All units can be mounted with casters for mobility
  • Wide range of storage accessories
  • Large range of stock held in our Sydney warehouse
By installing NSC chrome wire shelving units, the area can be dramatically improved in terms of space and cleanliness:
  • Cleaner, tidier area
  • Easier to clean
  • Gain increased storage levels
  • Greater organisation of stock
  • Improved access to stored items
  • Products are displayed better to customers or employees
chrome-wire-shelving-static-hospital-400x400 (2)

Chrome wire static shelving units are custom designed to fit the storage area. NSC designs a solution that incorporates the following sized shelves and can be at any height, although 1880mm is typically standard.
Depths Widths
300mm 610mm
360mm 760mm
460mm 910mm
530mm 1070mm
610mm 1220mm
Angled 460mm 1360mm