How can a simple solution make a big impact on your department’s inventory system?

NSC in Australia designed and developed the coloured handle system especially for one of our hospital clients and this has now been distributed around the world due to its significant impact!

The colour coded ergonomic module (basket/tray) handle improves visibility of stored items, allowing better recognition of stored items, increasing nursing satisfaction, and improving patient care.

Clinical trials have shown that nurses spend up to 20% or more of their time searching for supplies. Having a visual recognition of the stored items reduces this time, allowing this time to be spent on better patient care.


The handles can be easily clipped on to any module and used to easily pull out the module. They can be used to colour code different departments, anaesthetic supplies, medications, certain stock lines or improve visual organisation. Available in red, yellow, green, blue and other colours as requested.

Include with flexible labelling solutions to match clinician workflow and inventory management systems.

See how the colour coded handles have made a big impact on our customer’s storage solution:


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