Ecoline, Apollo & Aluflex storage carts

NSC has supplied and installed Pegasus Ecoline carts, Apollo carts and the pre-existing Aluflex carts to multiple customers around Australia. The AluFlex cart has been installed in catheter laboratories, operating theatres, anaesthetic bays and medication rooms. The Ecoline cart has been supplied for emergency departments and as a general hospital or procedure cart.

NSC customers like the Ecoline, Apollo and Aluflex carts as they are sturdy and durable and can be easily moved around departments and wards when required.
The interchangeable basket system allows our customers to view and rotate stock and has significantly improved their organisation. Our customers who have installed the Aluflex carts in their catheter laboratories have found this a perfect solution for storing long catheters on the catheter hooks, and the ability to close the tambour doors to hide these expensive items, the new Apollo storage cart now will replace the Aluflex cart.

Why use PEGASUS High Density Modular Storage?

hospital and medical high density modular storage systems

  • Maximise storage capacity and organisation
  • Reduce overall inventories through stock rotation
  • Improve the aesthetics of your storage area
  • Fully customise the area to suit your needs
  • Reduce potential OH&S risks to hospital personnel
  • Ability to move modules to various levels

High density modular storage systems are ideal for:

  • Any hospital department or healthcare facility
  • Operating theatre/ OT
  • CSSD, sterilisation dept, sterile store room
  • Pharmacy or pharmaceutical manufacturer
  • Anaesthetics store rooms
  • Medications store rooms
  • Suture trolleys or carts
  • Emergency department, ICU, HDU

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