Side panel - Flex


Side panel - Flex

Side panel – Flex style – U or E styles

The Flex side panels attach to the wall of the cabinet, cart or Aluflex trolley and allows the modules to be placed at various levels to improve organisation
and stock rotation.

The Flex side panels allow for 4 different types of insertions – modules can be inserted horizontally or at an angle; angle for 60cm module: 26.2°, angle
for 40cm module: 30.0°. The Flex side panel is used in tall cabinets where baskets may need to be stored on an angle for enhanced viewing and organisation
of stock at upper levels.

When used in conjunction with basket stop, modules are prevented from accidentally falling out when pulled.

Product Code Description Dimensions (WxH)
PNL(EU) Side panel – Flex – E style 40 x 30cm
PNL(US) Side panel – Flex – U style 60 x 30cm
PNLWHEEL (USA: PNL-WHL) Support wheel for Flex side panel N/A
BSKSTP-NW Stops for trays and baskets N/A