Epworth Healthcare

National Surgical Corporation was involved in the design, planning, supply and installation of the shelving and storage solutions for the Epworth Richmond Lee Wing redevelopment and the brand new Epworth Geelong Hospital. This incorporated Pegasus high density racking, cabinets, chrome wire shelving, trolleys, carts and accessories

Epworth HealthCare is Victoria’s largest not-for-profit private health care group with multiple locations. Each year, Epworth hospitals receive over 140,000
admissions, provide 90,000+ operations and 25,000 emergency attendances. Epworth HealthCare aim to provide the most advanced equipment for its patients
and doctors and implement this through its investment in redevelopment projects.

Epworth are undergoing a $600 million, multi-staged redevelopment at Epworth Richmond to expand services and update existing facilities.The latest stage
was completed in early 2016 when the new Lee Wing opened. The new Epworth Geelong hospital is a $277 million development which commenced in 2014 and
was officially opened, on time, on 4 July 2016.

Implementing the shelving and storage solution for theEpworth Richmond Lee Wing redevelopment

NSC met and discussed with Epworth personnel to determine the type of shelving and storage required, what each room was used for and what was to be stored.
From these initial discussions, NSC designed each room using the correct scale and dimensions using CAD design software.

What was included:

  • 39,800 components for 26 rooms across 3 levels
  • 146 bays across 40 high density racks
  • 72 bays of high density cabinets – underbench & tall
  • Custom designed chrome wire compactors
  • Over 40 chrome wire static shelving units
  • 40 chrome wire trolleys
  • High density AluFlex carts & 40 hospital carts
  • 412 chrome wire baskets and 100’s more since then
  • Accessories – Label holders, dividers, ledges and ends for all racks, static shelving, trolleys and carts

Implementing the shelving and storage solution for Epworth Geelong development

Within a strict time frame and whilst the hospital was under control of the builder, NSC designed and installed the following:

  • 29,200 components for 55 rooms across 5 levels
  • 335 bays across 65 high density racks
  • Specially designed crutch stand shelving units
  • 150 chrome wire static shelving units for CSSD, sterile supplies, equipment store & utility rooms
  • Over 60 chrome wire trolleys for set up, prosthetics & sterile store rooms
  • 39 hospital and procedure carts
  • 9 custom designed CSSD height adjustable tables
  • Coloured handles on high density cabinets & racks
  • 8 stainless steel static units for utility rooms
  • Accessories for all racks, static shelving, trolleys, carts